The What’s OK at Home (WOAH) website is a one-of-a-kind online platform with exercises, stories and information supporting children and young people aged 10–17 to recognise family violence.

It’s practical guidance to support their safety, health and emotional well-being from an organisation called Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRCV) and we make websites, videos, apps, brochures, posters and lots more to help people understand what family violence is, why it happens, how to recognise it and how to help others who are experiencing it.

The WOAH website has just launched a new section tailored specifically to 10–13 year olds experiencing family violence in their home.

They also run training classes for people who work with family violence victim/survivors and professionals who work to prevent more violence from happening.

Please make sure you check out this incredible resource and share it amongst your networks.

WOAH is published by of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.