//The Impact of Transitional Support

The Impact of Transitional Support

“One of the core functions of Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) across Victoria is to aid young people in transitioning from secondary education to employment, training, or further education pathways. Transitional support is key to guiding young people to an independent, effective, and sustainable future for themselves. It also functions as a way to re-engage people who have become disengaged from education or employment.

Why do young people need transitional support?

The Mitchell Institute reports a staggering number of Australians have not attained their Year 12 certification or have become disengaged. Without transitional support or re-engagement programs these individuals are less likely to ever attain any other schooling qualification which may result in long term unemployment.

In addition to a large number of disengaged young people, the work force is subject to change over the next 10-15 years according to the Foundation of Young Australians (FYA). As a result, we need to support young people as they transition from secondary schooling and prepare them to engage effectively with their future educational or employment pathways.

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