Students at Reese Plumbing in Lakes Entrance


On Wednesday, March 8, a Careers Day was held in Lakes Entrance, as an introduction to the various career paths that are available locally.

Organised by the Lakes Entrance Schools and Community Hub  in conjunction with the Gippsland East LLEN, and the Lakes Entrance Secondary College, the full-day event was attended by Year 10 students. The day began by splitting the students into three groups, and rotating the groups between three different industry-focused visits – Fisheries, Parks and Gardens and Visitor Economy.

“The Careers Day has been designed give students access to information about career opportunities locally, and also the pathways they can take,” LLEN Project Coordinator Pam Waters explained. “Interestingly, pathways can change throughout your life and can lead you to jobs you hadn’t considered before. It’s important to complete your schooling but to know your options and the importance of work experience and networking with local businesses and business-people.”

The Fisheries visit focused on a visit to LEFCOL, where students were encouraged to look around the venue and ask questions, and were also able to engage with the manager, Brad Duncan, and local fisherman Arthur Allen. This group also visited the Fisheries office in Staunton Street and spoke to fisheries officers about their role in the community. The second group had a conversation with Mark Burnett, Parks and Garden manager with the East Gippsland Shire Council, as well as Cory Mills, Manager of Bairnsdale Reese Plumbing. The final group learned about Visitor Economy, and dropped in to see Sam Barton at The Bellevue and Number 1 The Esplanade, as well as Wendy McPherson at the Tourism Information Centre.

The morning visits were followed by a debrief, pinpointing what had been learned in relation to the industries they had visited, leading into a conversation about employability skills. When surveyed about their experience of the day the students overwhelmingly reported that the day provided significant career development insights, a better understanding of what employers expect and increased understanding of key employability skills.

In the afternoon, a number of local business-people were invited to attend to engage with the students, introducing them to a range of different industries and business areas. Business representatives ranged from manufacturing management, health work, building, hospitality, retail, environment, tourism, emergency services, and real estate to information technology. Each guest was given the opportunity to speak to a small group of students one-on-one, with the groups rotated so each student was given an opportunity to engage with each guest.

“The students were thoroughly engaged by the visits and the speakers, and many agree that they now certainly have a better understanding of the diversity of career options available to them and a better sense of the tools and skills that they require to not only secure casual employment but to identify and pursue their ‘dream’ career,” Dee Cameron, of Lakes Entrance Secondary College.