Recent data shows that the Latrobe-Gippsland region has one of the highest unemployment rates among young people in Victoria (at 21.7%), currently second only to the Hume region (24.1%). When all age groups are considered, the Latrobe-Gippsland region also has the highest unemployment rate in general (a total of 8.1% as of November 2016).

Despite these figures, the overall rate of unemployment has dropped in regional Victoria since November 2014, in accordance with Australian Bureau of Statistics data. There is with particularly strong growth in the Latrobe-Gippsland region, with a reported 6,400 new jobs created respectively during the three months to November.

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT – 15 – 24 years
Latrobe-Gippsland November 2016 level: 21.7% [12 month average: 15.2% – down approximately 0.6% from October 2016]
Australia-wide November 2016 level: 12.6% [12 month average: 12.6%]

ALL UNEMPLOYMENT – 15 – 64 years
Latrobe-Gippsland November 2016 level: 8.1% [12 month average: 8.3%]
Australia-wide November 2016 level: 5.4% [12 month average: 5.7%]

Source: Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, Table RM1