In June of this year, the Victorian Government launched the Youth Policy: Building Stronger Youth Engagement in Victoria.

With the launch of this new policy, young Victorians will find there are more opportunities for them to have their say, and even room to participate within important decision making – ensuring that youth will have the platform to be engaged regarding the choices made that impact on their lives. The policy strives to strengthen and improve youth engagement and will present situations where youth people and Government can work together on innovative ideas and solutions.

The new Youth Policy outlines new mechanisms for youth engagement and research, including:

  • A Youth Engagement Charter – to guide Government’s engagement with young people in policy design, program design, and service delivery.
  • A youth summit, to bring together over 100 young Victorians, to identify and discuss the issues that are important to them. The summit will also lead to the election of a youth congress comprised of young Victorians, to act as an advisory group and provide advice to Government on priority and emerging issues facing the youth of today, with a cabinet member to also attend meetings.
  • An annual youth survey which will gather the opinions and thoughts of young Victorians, developing an evidence bases to understand and address thesis issues.

The Youth Policy is focused on ensuring that the above ideas, plus many more, reach a diverse representation of young people from all over the state, and through these views, help strengthen Government responses to present problems – such as inequality, disadvantage, family violence, vocational education and school engagement, and mental health. A framework will be developed in conjunction with young people so that the success of these practices can be evaluated, and a Government structure will oversee the policy as it is implemented and the report progress back to Government.

For more information on the youth policy and to register your interest in taking part in future events and initiatives, visit the Youth Central website.