Students in Gippsland will now have access to specialised avionics training close to home with Federation Training transferring courses from Melbourne to its Sale campus.

Starting this year, Federation Training’s campus at Fulham will offer Certificate IV Aeroskills (Avionics) as an Apprenticeship alongside the Mechanical Apprenticeship (Certificate IV Aeroskills) and the Certificate II in Aeroskills as a pre-apprenticeship.

Federation Training CEO, Grant Radford, said that the decision to move these courses from Essendon Airport to Sale is “something the local community should be proud of and was a result of extended conversations with the local community”.

“The community has told us loud and clear that they want to see specialised training return to the region and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with this investment. Local students shouldn’t have to travel to Melbourne to study. We need to make sure that these opportunities are available right here in Gippsland; that is our commitment,” Mr Radford said.

“We are proud to be Gippsland’s local and trusted TAFE and of the role we play in helping to find solutions to the challenges our communities’ face, but to do this we need to be constantly evolving our offering to ensure that local students have access to the training they need to find a job.”

As part of the move, Federation Training is also relocating training resources and equipment from Essendon and is inviting local defence suppliers to use the Fulham campus facilities for aviation training.

This decision coincides with Wellington Shire’s announcement of a major upgrade project at the West Sale Airport which will lead to the expansion of the aero industry.

“This is a great example of TAFE and council working together to meet the needs of the local community,” Mr Radford said.

“We believe there will be a great deal of interest in these new courses and with the multi-million dollar upgrades to our facilities and the opportunities that the Free TAFE initiative is creating for local students, it’s an exciting time to be a part of Federation Training.”

For more information about TAFE Aviation training and other TAFE courses, you can call 1300 133 717.

This media release was provided by Federation Training.