The Gippsland East LLEN has a range of programs where we facilitate or lend support to school and industry partnerships. Throughout 2015, these achieved some significant results in introducing senior secondary students to regional career opportunities and building their aspirations to complete Year 12 or equivalent as a solid foundation for future success:

  •  Industry orientation ‘taster’ days and a ‘work inspirations think-tank’ were attended by 232 students from 15 schools. Participants learnt about diverse employment options in our regional growth industries: agribusiness, health, manufacturing, local government and civil construction.
  • For the first time, a ‘place-based’ careers expo was held during Term 3 to introduce students from Mallacoota
    P- 12 College to a range of industries in their local areas.
  • Individually tailored ‘Ready to Work’ initiatives were developed for 42 students from Bairnsdale Secondary College and the Bairnsdale Specialist School to build their employability skills as a precursor to undertaking work experience.
  • During a series of five ‘Inspiring Young Men and Women’ forums, 167 students from 10 schools met with representatives from 16 industries and community stakeholders to be inspired by their life and career journeys, and to explore their own aspirations.
  • Labour market forums in Sale and Bairnsdale were sponsored by the Commonwealth Dept Employment and industry representatives. They were attended by 80 students and community stakeholders. Following the session in East Gippsland, Nagle College requested the LLEN to organise a repeat forum for their senior school.
  • A working group between Federation Training and GELLA was created to develop pre-accredited courses that support transition into accredited vocational training. The aim was to maximise regional services, provide seamless pathways and continuity for students and avoid duplication of effort in thin markets. The partnership was facilitated by Gippsland East LLEN.