East Gippsland Shire Council hosted a group of 15
students from Bairnsdale Secondary College
students for a day’s work inspiration.

The day’s objectives were to introduce the young
people to Shire officers, to learn about the breadth
of work undertaken at the Shire and to experience
the roles of staff in different workgroups.

The students also developed their employability
skills and their understanding of what’s expected in
the workplace.

The Executive Officer, Gary Gaffney, gave the
students an outline of the Shire’s responsibilities, as well as talking about his expectations of staff and the Shire’s focus on the servicing the needs of local communities. The students worked with staff on a ’think-tank’ session to contribute to thinking about some issues the Shire is currently addressing. The Mayor, Cr Peter Neale, also participated in the ‘think-tank’ session.

The program gave the students a real opportunity to understand the workings of the Shire and also to learn about some of the career opportunities that are available in one of the region’s largest employing sectors.

The feedback from the students for the day was very positive—they really took on board the challenges that were given and put forward several ideas as possible solutions. The Shire staff have already implemented some of the suggestions the students made.

The work inspiration format for the day is a fun and challenging way of introducing young people to local industries and bringing them together with prospective employers