The Health Sector Pathways Pilot for Gippsland, a pre-accredited course, was developed in consultation with the Central Gippsland Health Service to give jobseekers in Sale and Wellington Shire an opportunity to understand which positions that do not require a degree qualification are available in the Health Industry.

This program is a collaborative initiative from Gippsland East Local Learning and Employment Network members GELLA, Central Gippsland Health Service and Mission Providence working together to improve pathways to employment via education.

The students who participated graduated in April, and already a number of them have obtained work in the health sector as well as other sectors.  A number of other pre-accredited training initiatives are proposed for Gippsland across key industry sectors – and we look forward to sharing futher details as they bceome avialable in the future.

The video below will give you some further insight into the program – make sure you have a watch and let us know what you think.