With technology improving drastically and its impact on our life growing greater, artificial intelligence could be about to affect how you work – if it hasn’t already.

This week, the AI revolution is a feature area being reported by the ABC – with programs such as The AI Race – exploring how Artificial Intelligence will change your job as new research shows how much of what we do could be done by robots.

The ABC has created a few articles about the positives, pitfalls, preconceptions and what else to expect as the future comes closer.

AI Automation – men and lower-paid workers

Men’s jobs are easier to automate than women’s jobs, a new analysis shows, and it’s partly because women are more likely to work in occupations that need interpersonal, creative and decision-making skills.

What jobs will survive as robots move into the workplace?

Can the arrival of robots in the workplace bring jobs back from overseas and improve working conditions? There’s evidence it can.

Australia must embrace AI revolution – Alphabeta Report

Australia should double its pace of artificial intelligence and robotics automation to reap a $2.2 trillion opportunity by 2030, while also urgently preparing to support more than 3 million workers whose jobs may be at risk, according to a new report.

You can also watch the ABC TV program AI Race here.