Did you receive an offer from a University last week?  Are you going to University in 2019?  Would it be good to know who else is going from our region, maybe find a familiar face? 

If you missed out on the lunch at the Hub in Bairnsdale last week, we are doing it again on Friday, 1st February.  The idea is simply to have a casual lunch, while getting to know others from the area who are going to Uni.  Maybe you will find a travel buddy – maybe you will just discover that you won’t be alone when you go.  Whether you are going straight from graduating Year 12 in 2018, or if you have had a gap year you are welcome to come along and enjoy a free lunch.

You can also join our Facebook Group – East Gippsland Uni Students, where we will be posting links to helpful apps and websites to assist in this next exciting phase of your life.

If you would like to come to our lunch, please let us know via email to michele@gellen.org.au or by calling or texting 0418 350 953 by January 30.

Don’t forget to tell us if you have any dietary requirements!